The Procedure to Getting an LPN License

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How to Transfer an LPN License to Another State

In the US, there is an agreement among the states about license reciprocity. This means that if you obtained an LPN license in Massachusetts, you may be able to continue using your license if you are relocated to another state like Nebraska.

However, there are some things considered before the new state considers the license. The board will determine if the qualifications of the home state of the LPN are equivalent to the qualifications issued by the new state. If it meets with the minimum qualifications, then you can be issued your new LPN license in the new state where you plan to live.

This is good news to LPNs who plan to relocate especially if they are looking for greener pastures. This means that you no longer have to re-take the coursework needed to become an LPN. Through the license reciprocity, you can start working with a new employer as soon as you moved.

LPN License Reciprocity - What You Should Do

To make sure that your license will be honored in the state where you plan to move, make sure that you inquire at the board of that state. If you want, you can simply use the internet to gather the needed information. You no longer have to visit the physical office of the board because you can communicate with them online. You can also send a mail to the address of the state’s Board of Nursing and state your case or inquiries.

Wait for their reply and just in case you are required to submit certain documentations, you will need to comply accordingly. This can help in making the transition a lot faster. It’s a good thing that most boards now have official websites that you can visit any time of the day or night. You don’t have to be a computer wiz to gather the needed information.

So when you are contemplating about seeking greener pastures elsewhere, check the license reciprocity in that state. Use the internet and see if the qualifications are not that strict. Meeting their minimum requirements is enough to qualify for a license in the new state. When you know the procedure, no one can tell you that you are on the wrong path.

Follow the procedure so that you can get your new license as soon as possible. Your LPN license is very important and you won’t be able to work if you don’t have one. Get your new license now through reciprocity.