The Procedure to Getting an LPN License

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How to Get an LPN License

Applications to various nursing schools are continuously rising, however as harsh as the nursing deficiency is, there is a much worse scarcity in nurse educators, meaning that even the well qualified candidate are being rejected every year and those who are admitted are basically positioned on a year or three waiting lists before they can able to begin classes. Therefore, what can an individual do if they like to begin a career in nursing but cannot be admitted into a registered nursing program in the future? What if they cannot pay for the three to four years that they will spend in college before they can able to begin earning a living? What should they do? The answer is simple - be a licensed practical nurse (LPN).

LPN works under the administration of doctors and registered nurses in doctor’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and in an assisted living facility. Basically, the responsibilities of an LPN includes taking vital signs, bathing of patients, collecting lab and blood sample, administering injections, patient health education, bedside care as well as changing surgical and wound dressings.

Enroll in an LPN Program

Apply to a Licensed Practical Nurse Program – If an LPN profession interests you, apply and enroll for training to get licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Programs for LPN are not programs that can give you a degree. Instead, the program includes a year of study in addition to the hours work in a hospital or community health facility. Courses in physiology, psychology, anatomy as well as laboratory procedures are given in LPN programs. Be sure that the program you have selected is recognized by the Board of Nursing of your state. Get ready for the licensure test by accomplishing all the clinical rotations and coursework. Do not be delayed when it comes t your coursework and if needed, look for a help from your private tutors or from your school to maintain a high grades.

Take the Licensed Practical Nurse Exam

After successfully accomplishing the LPN program, you are now qualified to take the NCLEX-PN test, which is particularly intended for LPN applicants and administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. The exam includes testing skills in various competencies like integrated processes and client needs. When you pass the test, the licensure for LPN will be granted to your and you can legally begin to work as an LPN in a hospital or any health care facility.