The Procedure to Getting an LPN License

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How Much Does an LPN License Cost?

When you are now ready to become a full pledged LPN, you will have to take the LPN licensure examination. Aside from learning the basic skills and knowledge about being a licensed practical nurse, you will also incur costs.

Associated LPN License Cost

If you are interested to become an LPN, you should pay for the exam fee which is $100 if you are from South Dakota. The fee might vary a little from that of other states but you can already use this figure as an estimate. Aside from that, you will also need to pay for the professional testing which is payable to NCLEX amounting to $200.

Upon application for the LPN licensure, you will need to take note of the date because it will become null after a year and you can no longer refund the fees you’ve paid.

There are also other requirements that you have to fulfill and submit upon application for the LPN licensure exam. Paying the fees is very important but you also need to provide legal documentation, official transcripts and certificate of nursing education, and the NCLEX registration.

You won’t be allowed to take the exam without the Authorization to Test or ATT. You will need to use the ATT within 90 days or else it will expire. When you pass the exam, you will be notified within ten days and it will already come with NCLEX result and LPN license.

Just in case you did not pass, you can still re-apply for the LPN license but this will again cost you the same fees. You will need to pay the said fees once more before you can be allowed to take the exam. As you can see, the Board of Nursing does not schedule the tests in South Dakota and you may need to check for the schedules. By providing an email address, you can be easily contacted for more information about the licensure exam. Always check your mail so that you will know what to do.

The licensure cost is not that hard on the pocket but if you continuously retake the exam, you will lose a lot of money on the licensure alone. Review everything that you have learned from your nursing education so that you can pass the licensure exam on your first take. Remember that every time you take the exam, you will be paying for the fee so study well.